Programs Offered

Infants (6 weeks thru 18 mos.)

Our Infants receive lots of individual care and attention. Their feeding and sleeping routines are the number one priority of our staff. Their schedules are kept for important steps of development like feeding and sleeping habits. Gingerbread provides infant formula and baby food for our infants.

  • Bright colors and shapes for visual stimulation.
  • Playing and sharing with peers for social interaction.
  • Large and Fine motor development - building, catching, jungle gyms.
  • Interaction with teachers for language.
  • Exploring their 5 senses.
  • A special bond is created between caregivers, and trust with their parents.

Toddlers: (18 mos. to 3 yrs.)

Our toddlers have a great time experiencing and gaining their independence by exploring their room and joining in on large and small group time. The children learn through play and experience many exciting activities in language, math, social, and motor skills. They enjoy Circle Time, Stories, Finger plays, and Music. Potty-training is also addressed in this area. We work closely with parents to achieve this using a positive attitude and reward with a lot of high fives!!

  • Teaching and allowing the children to become independent on their own with help by their teachers if needed.
  • Learning how to play and share with other children.
  • They learn to deal with emotions (neg. and pos.).
  • They learn how to match and sort colors.
  • They develop skills to do puzzles, blocks, etc.
  • They start to understand quantities and counting.
  • Start to articulate 3 to 5 word sentences to carry on simple conversations.

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(3 - 5 yr. olds)

Our "Rascals" are encouraged to achieve simple goals, further develop in physical, intellectual, emotional, and social skills. Our teachers main focus is to develop self help skills, language, and social skills. We strongly encourage the children to follow direction, problem solve, work together, and express themselves creatively.

  • They are encouraged to work and play well with others.
  • Accept responsibility.
  • Develop self control. (Recognizing and addressing restroom needs).
  • Follow simple directions.
  • Work on problem solving with his/her peers.
  • Learn to express themselves in an acceptable manner.
  • Function in a group.
  • Experiment with Large and Fine motor skills.
  • Learn by doing.
  • Enjoy playing outside building sand castles, swinging, running, and riding tricycles.

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School age: (Kindergarten thru 12 yrs.)

Our school age children enjoy abundant activities including a fun Summer program geared to having a great time exploring, and working together, Picnics, Park play, swimming, crafting, game time, movies, and going on several field trips, and taste and smell!!